Office Moving Instructions

Office Relocation ChecklistGeneral Instructions:

  • Book elevator service at origin and destination (if applicable)
  • Confirm loading and unloading access at origin and destination
  • Confirm security requirements with landlord at origin and destination
  • Dispose of any unnecessary junk and clutter
  • Make arrangements with photocopier provider to relocate as per lease agreement
  • Make arrangements to relocate shredding bins, vending machines or other third party leased items with provider -Make arrangements to relocate all laptops and all very fragile and/or valuable smaller items yourselves
  • Clean out your refrigerator prior to relocation date
  • Please ensure that you have at least one company representative at both sites during relocation

Labelling Instructions:

  • Create a destination floor plan that assigns each employee & common area a unique number
  • Ensure that each assigned number on the destination floor plan follows a sequential order
  • Write a prominent number on each label corresponding to the destination location (not just the employee’s name) – Place office moving labels on every item (moving or not)
  • If an item is not moving, label it as “not moving” (so we don’t ask the customer about it multiple times)
  • Items without a label will not be moved
  • Surplus or Disposal items need a unique colour label
  • Designate a specific colour for each floor at destination and label each item accordingly (if applicable)
  • Place labels on at least 2 sides of each box / bin so they are visible when boxes/bins are stacked (not on top)
  • Place labels on the surface of desks/credenzas so they are visible when placed on a dolly (not on side)
  • Place labels on the front of cabinets/shelves so they are visible when placed on a dolly
  • Place labels on arm and back of chair so they are visible at all times
  • Place labels on computer screens + top of keyboards and front of CPU so they are visible at all times
  • Place labels on all other items so that they are visible at all times
  • If an item is disassembled, place office moving label on each piece.
  • Post an 11” x 8” sheet of paper outside each office, workstation, meeting room and common areas indicating its assigned number
  • Please ensure that all labels are removed from the bins upon unpacking

Packing Instructions:

  • Please ensure that the contents of all desks, credenzas, filing cabinets and shelves are packed in bins
  • Please ensure that that smaller items that fit into bins are packed in bins
  • Please ensure that all fragile items are wrapped & protected accordingly before being place in a bin as Darcy Logistics is not responsible for the contents of owner packed bins/boxes.

Click on a link for a PDF copy to print out: Office Moving Instructions.

And for additional tips, check out the The International Office Moving Institute.